young dancer at the ballet barre

Battement Tendu: A stretched beat of the foot. This is usuallly the second exercise performed at the barre, following demi or grand plies.

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Recital Information

Let's just say this right now! Recitals should be fun! If you and your children dread your upcoming recitals events, something just isn't right.

Dress rehearsals need not creep into the wee hours of the morning. Young dance students should not be expected to perform like professionals. After all , this is a learning experience for them. Their onstage experience should be rewarding and exciting!

At our Western Pennsylvania studios, we have all but eliminated our dress rehearsals at the auditorium. You may think this is a scary proposal, but it actually worked out great. Our older more advanced students did rehearse on the stage, but our younger students did not. The performance went on without a hitch, and young dancers were not subjected to the stress of a dress rehearsal. A few of the dances were a bit "off" , so we just repeated them. It was a very entertaining evening.

Adding an extra touch to the recital also makes it fun and enjoyable. Santa visited during our finale and the kids were thrilled! Students receive awards of medals and trophies! Many students also get gifts from their parents. All in all, our recitals are fun, entertaining, and yes, we have been told, quite beautiful.

Now, about those recital costumes. The general perception is that they are very expensive, which in some respects is true. But, when you take into consideration that the costume companies are sewing to order, albeit less than tailoring, and that this is a once a year event, you may have a better understanding of the costume pricing structure.

Costuming a recital is a labor intensive task that requires measuring, ordering, checking the order, and trying to predict which students are going to grow beyond the measurement allowances. Altering costumes is sometimes inevitable.

On the bright side....the costumes really make the show, and the kids have a special outfit they can keep forever.

We always suggest that parents praise, praise, praise on recital night....even if their child's performance isn't up to par. Recitals give children the opportunity to make a public appearance, and consequently, their confidence levels soar.

We love our recital performances, and our students can't wait to perform on the "big stage".

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