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Would you like us to place a link to your studio on our website? We will also review referrals from parents and place a link to your studio website if you meet all or a majority of our requirements for an excellent studio listed on our home page.

Studios will only be added to our list after we have reviewed their application and received their consent.

Does your studio:

  • Have a limitation on the class sizes?
  • Provide a customer service person or receptionist during class times?
  • Have a floating or cushioned dance floor?
  • Answer the phone on a regular basis and return missed calls?
  • Provide instructors who have passed their background checks?
  • Have an up to date website?
  • Teach classes with a positive approach?
  • Have fun and informative class content?
  • Have organized and stress free recitals?

  • If so, then we'd like to hear from you! You can place a free link to your site on our recommended studios page!

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