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Students enjoy receiving flowers at their recitals!

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About Us

The owners of this website are currently operating 2 dance and gymnastics studios and 1 dance and music studio in western Pennsylvania.

The secret to their success is that they try very hard to keep their students and parents informed and happy with their organizations.

They offer uniqe extras such as a free holiday pageant, "official looking" sticker cards, and introductory booklets for young dancers.

First year students receive a free copy of "My First Ballet Class", "My First Tap Class", and "Tumble in the Jungle." Other free original story booklets include "Dance Party Favorites" and "Jazzmatazz".

They have been in the studio business for over 27 years, and are still growing. The founder, Kathleen Bazzano, has both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in dance performance from Ohio University and the University of Illinois, respectively.

Kathleen feels that learning ballet technique is the key to success in perfecting dance technique. She feels it is important for young dancers to experience the rewards of the discipline one acquires by through the study of ballet.

Execellence in other dance experiences are usually easily transitioned into by the classically trained dancer.

Dance studio and instructor certification is offered online for studios.

Individual instructors can get certification information at:







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