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Some things to consider when choosing a dance studio:

This website was created for parents who are looking for a positive and fun filled creative activity for their children. Dance Classes are fun when they are taught by a qualified instructor in a professional studio environment.

If you are planning to enroll your child in dance activities or dance classes, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

Does your dance studio put a limitation on the size of the class? Small class sizes mean faster learning and more fun! Classes that are less expensive often mean you will find too many students in the classroom and chaos can prevail! We feel the class size for young students ages 3-8 years old should be limited to between 8-10 students.

Another point to consider is whether or not there is adult supervision in the waiting areas at all times. This should be a receptionist or customer service representative who is available to answer the phone, answer questions and supervise young students in the waiting area. More tips below!

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Dance studio personnel should also be available to answer the phone on a regular basis. We so often hear about studios that have no voice mail available and never bother to return phone calls. At our Dance & Gym USA studios in western Pennsylvania, we forward the phones after hours so we are available to assist our customers even when our studios are closed.

Does your studio have an up to date and informative website that displays the information you need to calendars, recital dates, class times and current announcements? While this element is not critical, it does prove to be beneficial to parents whose lives are so busy these days. With an up to date website, studio information is available at your fingertips.

What type of flooring is used in the dance studio? Concrete or tile over concrete is never an acceptable option, as it can create shock type muscle strains or injuries during movement exercises. Look for a floating, suspended or cushioned dance surface.

Have the instructors passed a background check and are they experienced and certified teachers?

Does the studio teach with a postivie approach and are all students encouraged to learn within their own unique abilities and levels of achievement? Are the classes fun for the kids?

If you have to drag your child to class every week, something is wrong with the way the classes are being taught. You may want to explore other studios in your area.

Learning the arts should be fun and inspirational.

Class content should be designed for the maturity level of the students. In other words, dance classes should be designed in an age appropriate manner.

Recital costumes must also be age appropriate and never suggestive or provocative. Take this into consideration before you enroll your child in a studio program. You may want to take a look at the studio's recital photo album, or view a dvd of the recital performance. You want your child to have a positive experience that will provide a lifetime of great memories!

Are you lucky enough to attend a studio that meets most or all of the above requirements? Please refer them to our Recommended Studios page so they can get the recognition they deserve!

For more information about children's ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop classes please go to our class descriptions pages.

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